Lands are registered on the Solana blockchain as NFT with a limited quantity of 93500 lands. This quantity can be increased in order to create a more open metaverse. Each addition of lands will be voted on through the DAO system. Owners have absolute power over their virtual land and what they choose to do with it. They allow users to own a portion of the Metaverse and be able to host any kind of content on their property.
Lands are physical spaces in the Metaverse that players own to create and monetize their creations. They can be rented, transformed, modified by the owner or any other user to whom he/she gives the right. Owners will be able to combine adjacent lands to form estates or buildings with a height that will be defined in V2 of the white paper after analysis by the developer team.
The lands will be sold on the Metaversana marketplace and then on the secondary markets. Land prices will be set on the Metaversana marketplace based on area and sector, but may be negotiated at different prices on the secondary market based on supply and demand.