Office spaces

The relationship to work in many countries of the world has been transformed by the Covid-19. The centrality of work has been questioned in favor of a better work/life balance, which includes telecommuting. To reconcile employees' expectations without loosing social ties, some companies now rely on the metaverse.
What if MetaVersana was the work mode of the future ? What if our offices, our colleagues, were transposed into this virtual world ? This is what many companies are already experiencing as they make their digital transformation. The employees of companies are very often scattered, in several cities or countries. They don't find it satisfactory to hold team or zoom meetings in 2D.
3D with the metaverse allows them to find informal exchanges, with avatars, office spaces, a coffee machine, chairs, an environment in total immersion with their colleagues or collaborators. These offices in the metaverse could be the answer to the new expectations of employees. They are now demanding that their employers take the subject of their quality of life at work seriously. By quality of life, employees mean in particular telecommuting, with nearly 40% of employees saying they want to work from home.