Metaversana's vision is for the game to become a self-sustaining, player-owned, community-controlled and community-funded experience. The governance functions will be available to all MTVR token holders and will be deployed progressively once the development team has established its fundamental vision for the Metaverse.
Initially, the governance structure will be applied to decide on in-game rewards as well as milestone rewards. Additional features will be implemented once Metaversana matures and MTVR tokens are better distributed.
The general idea behind Metaversana's governance model is a multi-tiered approach that reflects the roles of the game while allowing all active players to participate in decisions about the direction of the Metaverse to some extent.
Quadratic voting will be used to reduce the voting power of large MTVR token holders. This system is used successfully by a number of other protocols and we believe it is the fairest way to weight votes.