Roadmap V2

Q3 2021 Balance Trainer

  • Project Viability Check
  • R&D on Metaversana Concept and Business Model
  • Formation of Core Team

Q4 2021 Platform Development

  • Implementation of Tokenomics, Roadmap V1, and Marketing Strategy
  • Website Launch
  • Tokenomics
  • Initial Discussions with Major Investors
  • Artistic Concept Design for Metaversana

Q1 2022 Launch Preparations

  • Creation of Whitepaper V1
  • Establishment of a Legal Entity
  • Pre-launch Marketing Campaigns
  • Setting up Social Media (Twitter, Discord, Telegram)

Q2 2022 Final concept

  • Expansion of the Core Team
  • Launch of Initial Token Pre-sale
  • Drafting Roadmap V2
  • Formation of Partnerships

Q3 2022 Expansion and Engagement

  • Partnership with Fractal for KYC Process
  • Launch of Token Presale on Our Website
  • Airdrop Campaign to Promote the Project
  • Creation of an Ambassadors' Community

Q4 2022 Reflection and Planning

  • Resource and Priority Evaluation
  • Planning for Future Steps
  • Establishment of Workgroups with Future Partners

Q1/Q2 2023 Recalibration Phase

  • Development Resources Redirected to Unforeseen Projects
  • Technical Team Engaged in External Priorities
  • Temporary Impact on Development Timelines
  • Commitment to Our Vision Despite Challenges

Q3/Q4 2023 Strengthening and Expansion

  • Giveaway Events
  • Roadmap V2 Update
  • Whitepaper V2 Drafting
  • Multi-Blockchain Positioning
  • Private Fundraisings/IDO Campaigns
  • Developer and Marketer Recruitment

Q1 2024 Key Development Milestone

  • $MTVR Token Listing on CEX/DEX
  • MVP Development for Web/Mobile Application
  • Initiate Whitelisting for Avatar NFT and Launch NFT Avatar Sale

Q2 2024 Initiating the Economy

  • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • Avatars Collection Launch
  • Building a 3D Game Team
  • Unveil Artistic Concept

Q3 2024 NFT Land Sale

  • Development of Metaversana
  • Whitelisting for NFT Land Parcels and Land Parcel Sale Launch

Q4 2024 Access to Beta Version

  • Beta Version Launch of Item Builder
  • Beta Version Launch of Metaversana

Q1 2025 Metaversana Launch

  • Public Access to Metaversana