Metaversana has its own economic system. The MTVR token was created for this purpose and all holders have a right to vote on all decisions related to the Metaversana project.
The main attraction of Metaversana on the Solana Blockchain is the way players can play, build and own properties and assets within the game. They can sell these assets for real world money. Metaversana is a huge opportunity for players, but also for artists, designers and brands. NFTs" ensure the security, authenticity and rarity of digital assets in Metaversana. Players can create the items they want to appear in the game themselves in an authentic and reliable way. NFTs allow Metaversana players to own their creations for life.
Most of the content is user generated. One or more software programs will be made available to users to allow them to create their environment from scratch. Our goal is to integrate this functionality directly into Metaversana without any external tools. Players can create clothes, objects, plants, animals, a weapon or a hat, etc... They will also be able to build their own 3D game on their plot of land using their assets created or purchased on the marketplace.
Renting an NFT or a plot will be one of the many possibilities in Metaversana as well as the choice for the owner to give free or paid access to an event taking place on his plot.
One of the specificities of Metaversana that differentiates us from other metaverse is the concept of Business to earn (B2E). This concept favors business and rewards stakeholders and actors within Metaversana. We will be able to find a job, make professional contacts and conclude business deals with a trusted third party between the two parties. Of course, the professional aspect is emphasized in Metaversana, but we can also participate in sports events, a soccer match, a motorcycle or car race, or even go to a concert or shopping mall. Metaversana will work to ensure that there are no limits and restrictions compared to real life.
Asset staking (Token or NFT) is offered with different APYs and rewards depending on the amount invested and the duration.